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Leominster MA Home Inspection         508-788-1447

Homes for sale in Leominster MA should have a home inspection. Consumers should receive a brochure from the seller or seller's agent informing them about MA Home Inspector Facts.


Call  508-788-1447  for a Leominster MA home inspection.


United Inspection Service provides home inspection services in Leominster MA. Our Leominster MA home inspectors perform home inspections that meet and exceed the State requirements.  See the tables below for our home inspection services in Leominster Massachusetts.

United Inspection Service - Leominster MA Home Inspection
State Requirements
Your home inspection is performed to the Massachusetts Home Inspector Standards of Practice.  Visit the Home Inspection page to view consumer information sheets illustrating the Massachusetts Home Inspection.
 Additional Services
Our experienced inspectors often exceed the State minimum requirements with the use of measurement instruments. Visit the Inspection Tour page on this site for a sample of what you may see on your home inspection.
Home Inspection Report
Your confidential home inspection report will be emailed to you as a .PDF file attachment within 24 hours of the inspection.  The report includes tables of condition ratings, narrative descriptions and one or more photographs.
United Inspection Service - Optional Services

Home Inspection Photographs
During the home inspection our inspectors take many photographs.  One or more photographs will be in the home inspection report.  As an optional service we prepare a compressed file attachment of all photographs. Visit the MA Home Inspection Tour page on this site to view some photographs.
Radon Air Test
Radon Gas testing is performed with twin canister Activated Charcoal Absorption Devices (ACAD) . Visit the Radon page on this site for more information.
Well Water Quality Tests
Well water quality testing for potentially harmful chemicals provides important information for your buying decision. Visit the Water Tests page on this site for available water tests.
Well Water Quantity Test

Well water quantity test is to determine if the well can provide a sufficient amount of water. Visit the Water Tests page on this site for more information.

Leominster MA Home Buyer Resources
Here are a few links to common areas of interest for home buyers.
Visit the City of Leominster, MA website.
Leominster MA Home Buyer Resources
Property Assessment
Visit the City of Leominster MA Assessor web page to find out how to get a property card.  Any differences between the property card and the property should be resolved by visiting the assessor's office.
Lead Paint
When a home is tested for lead paint the results are recorded with the State.  Visit the Massachusetts Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program's database for lead inspected homes and search for your home. 
Flood Zone
A common concern is if the property is in a flood zone or how close the property is to a flood zone.  Visit the FEMA website and enter your address in the search window.  
Superfund in New England
In New England, the Superfund program has carried out or is currently involved in the clean up of close to 500 hazardous waste sites since the law went into effect. Visit the Superfund web site and search for your address.
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Visit The Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup database and search for your address to find out about waste sites in your area.

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